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Corporate Holiday Gifts

The holidays are an important time of year to show your appreciation for your clients and colleagues. Contact Bake Me A Wish! today to get started a unique and delicious gift that will have them talking for years to come! We work with our clients to build out the right foods, packaging and branding options to make each gift unique and enjoyable.

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Business Holiday Gift The Breaktime Snack Basket with possible customizations

The Breaktime Snack Basket

Business Holiday Gift Boutique Bakery Gift  with possible customizations

Boutique Bakery Gift

Business Holiday Gift Fruitastic! Gift Basket with possible customizations

Fruitastic! Gift Basket

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A food gift is a great present for the holidays. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift they can eat? Send your employees, customers and clients the best in gourmet food gifts this holiday season. Finding the perfect gift is something that is easily achievable with Bake Me A Wish! Our gifting representatives will work with you to come up with a gift that suits your company needs. We have selections at different price points, to ensure the gifts are in line with your budget. You can make a powerful statement without breaking the bank. All of the different choices may seem overwhelming at first, as there are so may delicious products to choose from. At Bake Me A Wish! we work with you to create the perfect gift. It’s easy to order from us – we are there for you at every step.

We want to work with you to create something that is unique to your company. There are multiple branding options to select from, such as custom ribbons and decals on the gift. Your company logo can also be prominently presented on the greeting card. There will be no mistaking who the gift is from. Let us help you create a seamless experience for your recipient, where your brand is displayed front and center. Everything comes in stunning packaging that is sure to wow. You recipient won’t believe it when they receive it!

Our cakes come in many different flavors, and our bakery gift towers consist of many kinds of snacks to enjoy. There are even some salty options to balance out the sweet! You recipient is sure to find something they like. Everyone can find a favorite when you send a gift with a little bit of everything. It’s always helpful to have a variety so all recipients can enjoy it. We have carefully cultivated food gifts, but there are options for customization as well. If you have a different idea of what you would like to send out, we will work with you to create a custom gift. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your choice.

Our food gift delivery is a great way to help clients remember you. No one forgets a food gift. They’ll remember the gift and have good memories associated with it. The gift can be branded with your company logo to keep your brand front and center. It will also include a greeting card that can be customized with a unique message. The card can also have your logo on it, to make it instantly recognizable. This adds a personal touch that can’t be beat. Your recipient will know exactly who sent them the gift and will appreciate the personal message. Bake Me A Wish! can help you create a seamless and memorable experience for them. Your food gift will stand out in their mind, and they may think of you for future business.

Word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool. Gifts (especially food gifts) that are sent to offices are always a hit. They never fail to get everyone talking. It can be a fun treat that everyone can share together. The gesture will stay with people for a while and keep your company in their minds. They’ll be grateful you thought of them. In the future, they’ll think of the holiday gift when they think of your company. This may result in more business moving forward. A food gift is a great present and adds a special touch. It is more memorable than just sending a card or a gift such as office supplies. It is amazing what a holiday food gift can do.

A company can accomplish a great deal when they send a food gift to their employees and customers. It can increase brand loyalty and make customers more likely to do business with you. It may also help build lasting relationships with clients, which can result in future success. Sending a food gift strengthens relationships with employees as well. It seems so simple to send a food gift, but many organizations don’t bother. Companies that take the time to send business gifts can see that it has a powerful and lasting impact.

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