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Corporate Event Gifts

Let our gifts emphasis your message for your next Trade Show or Company Event. Bake Me A Wish! Has a proven track record of helping companies stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression through through a fantastic taste experience. Whether you need an anniversary gift for an office, or a hand-out to your colleagues, let us help you raise your brand to the next-level.

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Corporate Event Gift The Traveler with possible customizations

The Traveler

Corporate Event Gift Gourmet Brownie Sampler with possible customizations

Gourmet Brownie Sampler

Corporate Event Gift Sweet Sensations Cookie Set with possible customizations

Sweet Sensations Cookie Set

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Any corporate event is made better with food! Have food gifts on hand at a company event to make a positive impact. Food gets everybody talking, and food gifts can be the highlight of any event, big or small. We offer custom gifts, and they can even be branded with your company name and logo. This helps increase brand awareness, which is crucial for every company. People associate memories with food, and they’ll remember the company that paired their name with a food gift.

It is always a good decision to hold a corporate event. It is a chance for the entire team to come together and celebrate the company’s success. These events have a massive impact on company culture and employee engagement. They can help employees feel more connected to their company and the work they are doing. These events promote team building and communication. Happy and productive employees are assets to a company. Having food gifts at these events can lift spirits and strengthen the relationship between a company and an employee.

We offer a wide array of options that will be the highlight of any business event. Have a sheet cake or 10-inch cake on hand to feed a large amount of people. Having a sheet cake delivered for your brand kickoff is a sweet way to celebrate the occasion. Food gifts branded with your company logo can be the highlight of your brand launch or conference. This is extremely useful for marketing purposes, because your logo will be prominently displayed. Custom ribbons and stickers can go on items such as gift towers and cookies. When these branded items are handed out at events like trade shows, it can result in valuable publicity for your company.

Have food gifts sent to a corporate event where you want to impress. Trade shows are a fantastic way to promote your company and gain new business. You may even have the opportunity to meet some of your current customers face to face. It’s a chance to showcase everything your organization has to offer. Every success can be highlighted and publicized, and it’s a great time to put a spotlight on all that your company has achieved. During trade shows, market your company with food gifts branded with your company name and logo. A decal on an individually-wrapped cookie or brownie can leave a lasting impression on a potential customer.

A work anniversary, such as of a product launch or merger, is an opportune time to come together as a company and celebrate the milestone that has been reached. These are important dates and a great deal of effort goes into them. Everyone has worked hard and that deserves to be recognized. Celebrate their hard work with a food gift such as a bakery gift tower. They will be pleased you showed your gratitude for their efforts. A holiday party is another occasion where food gifts can come in handy. Every employee can walk away with a food gift, feeling like their company appreciates their dedication.

Any corporate event can be improved with food gifts. A retreat or fundraiser calls for a sheet cake, where everyone can easily share the snack and serve themselves. Have food gifts on hand for seminars and networking events to motivate employees and boost team morale. Have a food gift delivered to celebrate the achievements of your employees. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing appreciation. Sending a food gift to the office shows your appreciation for your staff.

Employers should always take the time to recognize their employees. Employee satisfaction goes hand in hand with employee productivity. People like to work for a company that acknowledges their hard work. They want to feel valued and be treated like people. Presenting them with food gifts adds a personal touch. Corporate events can seem stiff and formal. Everyone may feel like they are have no choice but to attend and participate. A food gift can lighten the mood and help provide a positive atmosphere. Company events that provide food gifts are ones that are remembered.

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